A better way tostream with friends

Ping is the best way to make live content with a group. Stand out from other creators with higher quality and lower latency.

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Seattle Online Broadcast Association

Kind of like Zoom, if Zoom didn't suck*

Streaming is hard. Streaming with your friends is even harder. We built Ping to make bringing on guests as easy as adding overlays in OBS.

Keeps you looking your best for LSF

We're built for high-end cameras and mics, not 7 year old phones and earbuds. You'll see the difference instantly.

High definition by default

HD isn't optional for our creators. We support 720p minimum and 1080p / 60fps if you have the bandwidth for it.

Low Latency coast to coast

When we say live, we mean it. Latency in Ping is often under β…“ of Zoom's (40ms vs 165ms). No more awkward pauses or cutoffs, Ping feels more like IRL than anything else.

Easier than cheating in TF2

Getting your guests onto your show is as easy as sending them a link. No more leaked join codes - you can see who's joining by their Twitch username.

Secure by design

We don't screw around with your safety on stream. All users are authenticated with Twitch, Twitter or Youtube, so you know the person joining is the person you invited.

Layouts built for broadcast

Our default layouts are built around creation, not call participation. That means no more frames moving around when you don't want them to.

Plays well with others even OBSXSplitWindowsOBS

No more screen capture chaos. Ping calls integrate seamlessly with your favorite streaming software.

Embed your feeds directly

Every caller has a feed of their own - just drop a URL in a browser source and you're set.

Maintain full control

Want separate layers for every caller? We got you. How about the entire call with nameplates visible? Done. VTubers with a green screened background? Just add your usual chroma key filters.